Deeper Learning through Inter-Disciplinary Literacy
Grades 5-12
SmartTalk about Inter-Disciplinary Literacy! We invite you to engage in conversations and content covered in ReLeah Lent’s session on Inter-Disciplinary Literacy (September 2017). The focus will be related to 21st century shifts for teachers and students. We will continue our examination of how to create a culture of disciplinary literacy. Questions posed and pondered : Do your students read everyday in every class? Do your students ask more questions than they answer? Do your students solve problems rather than memorize information? You will be encouraged to share images and videos that you have integrated across the subjects to grip students attention and motivate them to read and write. ReLeah Lent, will join us on occasion, to share her expertise and collect ideas to include in her new book.

Memberhsip benefits include:

  • Yearly access (September 15 - June 15)
  • Cross-jurisdictional interacts, collaboration, and sharing
  • Ongoing facilitated professional learning